What am I trying to achieve?

Here is where I try to prioritise what is most important - for everyone.  Now I'll start with me!

If he hasn't taken his tablet, he becomes quite feral; hissing, screeching, attacking others
Of utmost importance.  The physical and emotional safety of all students in my care must be the highest priority.

He is disobedient when he doesn't get to do what he wants to do
This is another paramount safety requirement.  I will need to establish a relationship of trust and respect.

He affects the learning of the rest of the class:
This is a high priority because we all need to be able to get through the day!  I need to find a way to ensure the learning and well-being of the entire class is first and foremost in importance.

He uses a lot of my focus, energy and time - both in and out of class time
I need to be willing to accept this.  I will give him the time and energy required, but the well-being of the whole class is my top priority.

He leaves a trail of his belongings anywhere.  He often has no equipment.
Not worth focusing on as there are more important things.  Maybe if sufficient progress is shown - and/or I'll need to pick my time (and battles)

He is opposed to writing ANYTHING.
This is terribly important, but not the most important.  I'll encourage, try a few strategies, but I won't force him into a negative space by threatening consequences.

He doesn't see himself as an effective learner.  He has very low confidence.
I've listed these together.   They are important.  It is something to work on whenever opportunities present themselves. 

He interrupts frequently and loudly
This will be very high because it affects the learning of the other students.

He struggles to deal with not getting his own way. He is quick to anger.
These go together.  

He tells untruths to make himself look better / impressive
I've learnt very quickly to believe less than half of what he says.

He frequently focuses on irrelevant matters
I think this is just Ashton's way of looking at the world just now. Ride it out.  Steer him away when he's able.

He becomes stressed when we change routine.
Give him some warning.  Provide alternatives (with the help of Andrea)

He has no inherent desire to be 'one of the group'. He is often isolated because others don't want to have anything to do with him
Insist the other children disregard his behaviour when it is irritating, but help and encourage him whenever possible.

From his point of view

He has no friends and he would really like some
When he is calm, talk / coach him about relating to others in a considerate manner

From his parents' point of view

He is extraordinarily difficult to manage at home
They are worried about his lack of friends
He is potentially dangerous to himself and others
He needs to be ready for intermediate
Ready for Intermediate in what way?  I don't see his condition improving to the point of being as able to learn and relate as effectively as other students.  See other priorities.

From the viewpoint of his peers:
He can be frightening (and irrational)
Their safety is paramount.  They need to understand they just have to get away and keep their noses out of Ashton's business when he is being irrational.  They should also get a teacher asap if the situation is looking like it is escalating.

He is distracting and annoying and he interrupts their learning
I need to help Ashton stay as calm as possible.
The other kids need to show that his irrational behaviour is of no interest to them ie ignore him.

How will this impact positively on teaching and on student learning outcomes?

If together, we can maintain a calm atmosphere and a strong, supportive and encouraging team culture, we should be able to minimise the level of disruption to the students' learning.

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