Focus Justification

From his point of view
  • He has no friends and he would really like some
From his parents' point of view
  • He is extraordinarily difficult to manage at home
  • They are worried about his lack of friends
  • He is potentially dangerous to himself and others
  • He needs to be ready for intermediate
  • Happy, calm and growing
From the viewpoint of his peers
  • He can be frightening (and irrational)
  • He is distracting and annoying
  • He interrupts their learning
From my viewpoint
  • He is often isolated because others don't want to have anything to do with him
  • He uses a lot of my focus, energy and time - both in and out of class time
  • He leaves a trail of his belongings anywhere.  He often has no equipment.
  • He is opposed to writing ANYTHING.
  • He doesn't see himself as an effective learner
  • He interrupts frequently and loudly
  • He struggles to deal with not getting his own way
  • He tells untruths to make himself look better / impressive
  • He is quick to anger
  • He has very low confidence
  • He frequently focuses on irrelevant matters
  • He seems to have no desire to be 'one of the group'
  • He is disobedient when he doesn't do what he wants to do
  • If he hasn't taken his tablet, he becomes quite feral; hissing, screeching, attacking others
  • He affects the learning of the rest of the class
This quite a list.  I really want to help Ashton, but priorities will need to be set.

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