Staff Meeting

At the staff meeting, we were shown a couple of movies which dealt with children's behaviour.  Here are some aspects which were notable for me:
  • 'Naughty' children do not want to be naughty
  • Teachers / adults need to get alongside and try to truly 'understand' these children
  • Are teachers secretly delighted when students are sent to the office and punished?
And some questions about differentiation
  • Who they work with  - or don't?
  • Where they work within the class - including how far away from the teacher (this is directly related to our license levels)?
  • How much they're required to complete?
  • What level of tasks they are set?
  • Do they have or need a completely alternative programme?
  • What are they interested in or passionate about and how can we incorporate that into their programme?
  • How do we react when they display undesirable behaviours?
  • What are the common factors that lead to undesirable behaviours?
  • What are we prepared to ignore or let go of so that the child is not forced into a course of action?

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