What Will I try?

To me, Ashton's behaviour is a constantly changing phenomenon.  There are times when I can not reach him at all, while at other times he allows me to get quite close, emotionally.

Here is what I'm going to try:

1. Give him a completely different learning programme from the rest of the class

  • He will have four tasks to complete that day - three academic and one construction / design task
  • The tasks will be simple
  • He will work in order of the tasks
  • Many will be online
  • He will have a set table with a reliable computer
  • The tasks will be taped to his table each morning
  • They will be checked off
  • He can earn S100 for each day he completes the tasks
  • There will be no consequence for not achieving the tasks.
Here is a sample week's programme:

2.  I also expect Ashton to attend workshops and full class activities such as Personal Investigations, Shared Book, PE...

3.  I will try, try, try to understand where Ashton is coming from.  I need to learn to read his signs and pre-empt blow-ups if I can.

4.  I will make sure Ashton has his tablet at morning tea.  I have seen what he is like when he hasn't taken it...

5.  I will work with the other students to support Ashton.  They will need to encourage where possible and ignore when necessary.  Ashton needs to feel we are backing him.

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