What has been Done / Instigated / Changed / Adapted?

I have had meetings every two weeks with Jenn (mum) and Ashton.  They are grateful for my effort. Ashton generally attends these meetings.

Ashton has his very own workspace with a fully functional iMac.

Ashton can listen to music while he is working.

The classroom is kept relatively quiet.

For much of Terms Two and Three he had his own programme each day, taped to his desk.  There is no consequence for not completing, only rewards (snidges) if he does complete.  This programme is minimal.

This has been changed to the SDL programme the other students have, but with a minimal achievement level.

I have encouraged some of the boys to be good role models.  Josh, Wills and Thomas have been incredibly generous with Ashton - giving him multiple chances.

I have tried to get alongside Ashton to try to understand him.

I have tried to 'catch him being good'.

I have attempted to avoid confrontation

I have ensured he gets his pill at playtime.

I have picked my battles...

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